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  • Weekly

  • Bi-Weekly

  • Once a Month

  • Home Showing

  • Move Out (Clean Out)

  • Move In

  • Special Events


Hi, Is your life hectic? Do you need help? I know EXACTLY how you feel. So much in fact that I designed my entire company around my customers super busy, insanely crazy lifestyle.


My name is Carrie Zach, Owner of "Scrub A Dub dub", West Omaha's premier residential professional cleaning company. Whether you are looking for an extended regular cleaning schedule, moving in or out, or just simply having a special event, "Scrub a Dub dub" will take great pride in offering the best and most professional cleaning service to fit your budget. My staff and I are driven to serve the needs of our customers each and every day and we are dedicated to providing unmatched customer service. I know that honesty and reliablility are key in gaining the trust of my clients. That's why every member of my team has undergone and passed all criminal background checks. We will enter your residence with the same dedication and care you would personally put into cleaning your home. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Take a break from cleaning and let "Scrub A Dub dub" work with you to make YOUR home LOOK, SMELL and FEEL GREAT!


Carrie Zach

Owner-Scrub A Dub dub

Call: 402-714-0816 


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